MMI’S Analytical Solution:

Micro Macro International, Inc. was established in 1988 to provide a complete problem solving analytical laboratory with the components of nutritional analysis, pathology, pesticide analysis, consulting and research, and publication of grower related information in one location. This approach has allowed MMI to offer our clients not only an analytical laboratory that provides state-of-the-art analytical services but also a team of professionals to solve client media/soil or plant growth problems. By offering all the services normally involved in grower related problems at one location, an immediate diagnosis of the most likely cause of plant growth problems can be identified by the MMI professional team. This allows the most likely cause to be anticipated and the appropriate nutritional, pathology, or pesticide analysis to be conducted quickly to identify the cause of the problem. This one stop analytical solution to solving grower related problems has provided MMI’s clients with analytical solutions that are unsurpassed in the industry. Our clients frequently compliment MMI’s team approach to their analytical needs and the problem solving solution that is provided by this one stop approach.

Electronic Delivery of Analytical Results World Wide:

MMI continues to improve delivery of analytical results and services to our clients. Use of MMI’s web posting of analytical results allows completed reports of your laboratory analysis to be down loaded and printed at your office. Our clients can retrieve and review their analytical results at any time where connection to the world-wide-web is available. E-mail notification of sample(s) being received at MMI as well as the status of submitted sample(s) in the analysis process are some of the data management advantages for clients utilizing MMI. At MMI we pride ourselves in being part of our clients team by providing analytical solutions to their growing needs. Electronic data tracking and, a nutritional history database are other options offered to our clients. MMI database management of a clients analytical results is another feature of MMI’s commitment to the success of our clients.

Research, Consulting, and Crop Damage Investigations:

MMI profession staff is highly skilled in conducting scientific research. Our staff’s professional skills serves the needs of MMI clients requiring independent research evaluation of a product being introduced into the market, as well as product improvement. MMI works closely with clients in fine-tuning new products to increase the products effectiveness as well as studies requiring comparison to competitor products as examples. These same research skills are also applied to consulting activities where investigations into factors to improve plant growth or, the identification of factors causing growing problems needs to be addressed. Many companies utilize the MMI team to develop information required for the introduction of a new product into the market place. MMI assist growers with crop damage evaluation as well as investigation into the cause(s) of the crop damage. MMI continues to invest in its staff to provide our clients with the latest knowledge and cutting edge problems solving solutions. Current clients utilizing the professional advantages of MMI include governments, corporations, companies, and individual growers throughout the United States and the world agricultural community.

The MMI Advantage:

MMI is committed to providing our clients with an unsurpassed state of the art laboratory, staff by professionals that provides accurate, fast analytical services that promotes the success of our clients growing needs. The MMI team invites you to experience “The MMI Analytical Advantage”.