Greenhouse Research

Do you have a new product for the commercial grower in the works, or require product research?

If so, we can help you test and refine your product in our research greenhouse to insure your new product will have the best chance of finding success in today’s competitive market place.

Our research facility is also a great place to conduct trials in a controlled environment in order to ferret out the causes of difficult problems.

We can work with your R&D Department, or we can act as your R&D arm. Contact us, and we can talk more about it.

We own and maintain a research greenhouse where we can put your new product through it’s paces or conduct research on an existing product and give you an unbiased scientific evaluation. Please contact Gretchen Bryson for more information.


In addition to our laboratory based analytical services, we also offer on-site consulting services. This allows us to examine the total growing environment at first hand which is a great help in uncovering any problems you might be having, or alternatively, the best way to develop a strategy for optimizing your growing environment for maximum yields.

We have provided this service to growers around the world as well as governments.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.